Introducing a collection of my writings

Introducing a collection of my writings

Dear friends:

I hope this finds you and yours blessed and healthy.

We have curated a collection of my scribblings over the last 30 years on The Follow Through. Here's a quick video that explains why.

The themes are pursuing excellence and potential from personal and leadership perspectives. There are columns I wrote for a local small-town newspaper and some articles published here and there. I have also included my attempts at humor and some short stories to induce somnolence if you've run out of Ambien. Some sample links are below.

The asks:

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Sample content - like the little spoons at ice cream shoppes:

Column: Visioning

Humor, or, rather, Attempted Humor: A Quiet Evening With Bob Dylan

Article: Changing Organizational Culture

Short Story about finding happiness: Minnie's Quest

Written by
Steve McNeely
Worse half of Mary, Dad, Grandpop, managing partner of CPA firm, preacher, teacher, author, musician, ex-athlete, Christian in training.

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