Why do this, Steve?

If we help one person live a fulfilling, happy life of meaning and purpose, our efforts will be worth it.
Why do this, Steve?

Everyone is beautifully gifted

My purpose is to inspire and equip you to live your dreams and pursure your potential

The work associated with this site is me living my dream.


When I was young, basketball was my passion. The intense fling lasted through my mid-forties until the accumulation of years and injuries cooled the libido. (I still play at it.) While I did not have the physique (skinny, 6'8" but only in my platforms), I had the heart. So even after playing small college ball, I hit the court a lot - too much thought my young bride. But, out of respect for our new union, I drastically cut my play schedule from seven to five days a week.

The immense sacrifice, lost on Mary, was felt by my buddies who, like the snake in the garden, tempted me betimes: "C'mon Mac. One more game. Thou shalt not surely die."

"C'mon Mac. One more game. Thou shalt not surely die."

I had no plans to pursue a career related to my passion - in fact, I had no plan until Mary was expecting our first child and gently (or not) suggested I grow up. The plan thrust itself upon me in the form of the curriculum for a job that needed applicants the day after commencement: Wanted. Accountants.

Perhaps if I spent more time thinking about basketball and less time playing, I would have plotted a course for a career in the field: Ball boy, Uniform catcher from a sub, Gatorade squirter.

You can read more about my journey on the Author page.

This work is deeply personal.


It took me many years - decades, actually - to realize my gifts and passion were not related to accounting or basketball although, in my estimation, I am a very good CPA, and we have helped many wonderful clients. The best part of my job is interacting with people, and I learned what gives me the deepest sense of joy and fulfillment is impacting others through teaching and writing.

Back in the day, while rushing to support my precious family, taking a minute to consider my unique aptitudes and gifts and fashioning a career path that weaved them and my passion into daily work seemed like a luxury I couldn't afford.

I know of many people who feel unfulfilled or that their life is out of alignment and they have unmet potential. The woeful statistics reporting a lack of engagement at work coupled with increased mental health issues and the ill effects of unrelenting stress prove, to me, there is a huge need for people to find fulfillment and joy in life. I want to help.

If we help one person live a fulfilling, happy life of meaning and purpose, our efforts will be worth it.

I hope you find the knowledge, tools, inspiration, and encouragement to live your dreams and reach your potential.

Sincerely yours,


Written by
Steve McNeely
Worse half of Mary, Dad, Grandpop, managing partner of CPA firm, preacher, teacher, author, musician, ex-athlete, Christian in training.

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