Advice for Wedded Bliss

If couples would just heed to this Theirs will be sweet wedded bliss
Advice for Wedded Bliss
"The Precious"
In: Humor

Through these years that away have flown

Two bits of wisdom I call my own

If couples would just heed to this

Theirs will be sweet wedded bliss

Wives dear so sweet and true

This advice is just for you

Of love and respect will many speak

And this is fine for you to seek

But to keep sweet love delicious

Don’t ever try to take the precious*

And husbands stand brave and bold

To keep love strong that won’t grow cold

Commit and cherish to the end

Is great truth heard from all your friends

But to drink deep from love’s pure cup

Don’t ever leave the toilet seat up

August, 2004 before a wedding.

*In our family, the TV remote is fondly referred to as Gollum’s precious

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